Sunday, February 3, 2013

Boat Race Results

As Joe and I approached the pool to race our boat in, I grew nervous, this was for a grade. Taking a deep breath, I placed the boat in the water, Joe holding it still and I turned on the hair drier. My had shaking, I turned the hair drier to help steer our boat, and thankfully, it sailed across the finish line in 4.89 seconds. Not a great time, but at least it worked.

 2013-01-31 15.13.23.jpg Boat with Pool in the Background

Next however, was awful. Our boat seemed fine, however, once we
started the hair drier, it hit the side of the pool, forfeiting our
time. Unfortunately, the same happened again, so Joe and I decided to
tweak our boat somewhat.

We realized that it was our keel that had become loose, so we hot
glued the keel back together and to the boat, stabilizing our boat.

When we tested it again, I was extremely nervous, praying that this
time it worked. Luckily, our boat glided across the water with ease.
Our next times were 3.43 and 3.10 seconds, which was good, but I was
dissatisfied with our overall average. Because our first time was so
high, we might get a B or even a C, which would be just awful.

If I had to do this again, I would probably use a bigger sail and a
bigger keel to help the boat go faster. I did like that we were
allowed to work in groups, and I would choose to be in the same group
if we did the boat race again.

Hopefully though, with the extra credit for dressing up as sailors,
Joe and I will get an A.

2013-02-01 15.03.46.jpg Joe and Me

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