Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Benefits Of Mangroves

Mangroves have many benefits including nurseries, nutrients, sediments, toxins, buffer systems, and ecosystem corridor.
  • Nursery - The tangled roots of the Red Mangrove provide a protective nursery for young marine animals. Without the nursery, many species of fish would not be able to survive, which is important to the commercial fishing industry. 

  • Nutrients -Mangroves provide detritus for sea grass, coral reefs, and other animals living among the mangroves, including crabs.
  • Sediment - The mangrove roots filter and trap sediments as it flows down river to the sea. This contributes to soil formation and clears the water which helps the sea grass and coral reefs to flourish.
  • Toxins - The roots filter out the toxins from the water before it enters the sea which provides for healthier water which leads to more fish which is beneficial to the commercial fishing industry.
  • Buffer System - the mangrove forest leaves a corridor along the beach that protects buildings from wind, waves, and tides and allows animals to migrate.

  • Ecosystem Corridor - This allows animals, plants and ecological processes to move from one habitat to another which helps in their development and protects them from predators.

- Victoria Mehlhaff -